Electronic Medical Assistant


Electronic Medical Assistant (or EMA) is a concept of a device which allows advanced medical examinations to be held at the patient’s home, according to established medical procedure. The main assumption of the project is to link it with medical procedure standards, which practically comes down to handling clinical pathways and cooperating with Electronic Health Records (EHR). Clinical pathways enable strict compliance with physician’s recommendations giving him live view of patient’s state of health.
Thanks to modular construction the functionality of EMA can be adjusted to the needs of the patient. Every module is self-sufficient and can be used separately, without the base unit. After inserting the module into the base unit, the test results will be synchronized over WiFi or GSM with central Electronic Health Records. Test results are available to the physician constantly which makes the reactions to changes in patient’s health instant.
Hypothetical modules (examinations) using devices available on the market: blood pressure, blood composition (depending on used cartridge: glucose, mineral salts, prothrombin time, hemoglobin), electrocardiogram, automatic prescription drugs feeder (replenished in a pharmacy), kitchen scales.

Masters degree project, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Industrial Design Department, New Product Development Studio, Promoter: Marek Liskiewicz, Phd